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Botanica Yerberia, Limpias y Consultas Espirituales 713.230.8875

Botanica Yerberia

Botanica Yerberia Wholesale ™ por Mayor y Menor 713.230.8875

Botanica Botanica Yerberia ™ Lucumi Products Inc ™ 713-230-8875 Houston are in many Hispanic and Latino communities, people from everywhere, botany and Yerberia can be found in any American city where radiquen a large population of Latinos, especially those related to the Caribbean. The largest number of Botanicas are in Texas, New York and Miami have grown tremendously in the last ten años. Botanica [banner bannertext="SANTERIA CUBANA" bannersize="large" bannerno="" style="RC"]Gregorio Santos Babalawo[/banner]


botanica yerberia         Yerberia Botanicas Lucumi Products Inc ℠ 713-230-8875 Houston. Consultation Santeros, Babalawo, Medium by phone call 713.230.8875 now. Colonies, Oils, Spiritual Water, Money, Work, Back beloved. The Botanicas often and commonly known as hierbería are shops that sells folk medicine, alternative medicine, religious candles and statues, amulets, herbs, oils, perfumes and other products regarded as magical. Also incense, scented sprays and various products with special properties.



Definition: The name is in Spanish and translates to shop "herbs". Herbal medicines can be sold fresh or dried, packaged or in bulk, in some very few botanical'll find products whose ingredients are approved by the FDA, the agency that regulates health products that are applied to the body. These stores usually have a variety of tools endemic Roman Catholic religious practice as rosaries, holy water, and pictures of saints. In addition, most products are associated with other spiritual practices as quackery, Spiritualism, Santeria and Macumba.

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Alternative medical treatments are available in botanicas used to treat conditions as diverse as arthritis, asthma, hair loss, menstrual pain and diabetes. There are also products which are designed to attract love, luck and happiness and economic prosperity, divert celos.etc Besides being just a place to get items: Our store serves as a place for conducting religious, cultural meeting place of high visibility in the public domain, the urban landscape leading to the exchange of cultural ideologies and traditions espirituales.Art. Botanica Protected by Copyscape Plagiarism Software
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